Monday, December 27, 2010

Books.. school..etc.

Some of you probably still visit school. And I just wanted to share my "feelings" :D
I'm going crazy because every day = new book. It's kind of interesting, but I'm really tired.
What are your favorite books you had to read or you're going to read for school? Share it please ;)

By the way... What are you going to wear on New Year party?

I was thinking something like this:

I wanted to share this funny picture.. i found it on some blog ^_^ (

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Winter Outfit xxx

I love oversized boyfriends coats, and other oversized stuff.
Topshop has all these things, so here is my topshop winter outfit ;)
oversized coat

Hope I inspired you ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My TOPSHOP favorites

Here are few of my topshop favorite things :))
I love nude colors .. that's my style.. I guess

 I gave this teddy to my best friend as a birthday gift

Models for Sun for children (foundation Lililan Sarah Fischer)

I visited Karovy Vary because of foundation party! I was working as a model there, so I have some pics to show ;)  
The fashion show was not really good.. We were performing a clothes from COCO fashion store.
I liked a underwear collection from ORCHIDEA butik.

 model Andrea

 COCO fashion


 my outfit ... :D

 in backstage


 me and Andrea

 in backstage


 model Julie

 and me .. :D ;)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back from Paris

So I'm back from Paris. It was amazing.
Paris reminds me Prague a bit. But I totally love it! People seem so nice to each other :)

So I promised that I will put some pics here... Here they are! :

 This is the first street chic!

 I like this style a lot!


 Getting some hot wine!


 Another street chic!

 Sporty elegance




 ZARA (I like those trousers!)

 Street chic!





 Street chic!



 promod (I was disapointed...)

 With my sister

So I saw that Parisians love beanie hats! Almost everyone has it there!
Also they love boots like these:

And they also love ugg boots like these: